Folder tree is not refreshed after file operation


I am struggling with the following problem: I am browsing a folder on a server in my home network (Ubuntu machine running Samba). There are subfolders and files added to that folder by an app on the server. When I click on the parent folder in the tree, I can see complete contents in the lister, but the folder tree on the left does not change. So I cannot get to my files the normal way, by expanding step by step the tree, I have to double-click all the in-between folders in the lister. And even that does not cause the tree to update.

Or recently I renamed a folder in the lister because there was an unwanted space in the name. After this, the tree showed both folders, the original one and the one without the double space. Very annoying.

Can anything be done about this? Perhaps I missed some setting. I searched and found several similar topics, but none had a solution. All they suggested was some refresh button. I am not interested in any buttons, the refresh must happen automatically. How can you work with files if the tree and lister are not consistent?!

Thank you.

Check that you don't have the tree padlock icon turned on.