Folder tree jumping up and down

Situation : Dual Vertical-Display. Folders list activated for both displays. Enough hierarchy of folders is developed to have the vertical slider visible on both sides.

Normal behaviour : If I click on different folders on the left side, or on the right side, it all works fine. The list of folders doesn't move, sliders stays where it is.

What happens : On the left side, the folders list works always fine : it stays where I put it, slider doesn't move. BUT if I click on folders on the left, then folders on the rights, then left, then right and so on : the folders list for the right vertical panel keeps jumping up and down for no apparent reason. I though at first it was moving the slider to place the clicked folder in a specific position (center of the window perhaps), but nope. It jumps up and down randomly.

Could you please advise me if there is a way to prevent that ? Or is it a bug ?


You’ve probably configured the tree to keep the selected folder in the middle. Just turn that off, if so.

Tree in the left of your screenshot is scrolled near the bottom so it couldn’t have as much scope to scroll down farther to put the folders in that area in the middle.

Preferences > Folder Tree > Options > Position selected item in the middle of the tree
Setting that off indeed stops the folder's tree from moving when selecting a folder. So much better this way.
Thanks Leo for your always precious help.

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