Folder Tree jumps when entering with click, erratic selection

When clicking on another display in a dual horizontal style lister and then clicking on a folder in the other folder tree (entering), the tree jumps and the folder clicked on may or may not be selected. Does not happen if you don't enter the other display. Think this is recent new behaviour as it is super annoying and would have noticed it before.
Version 12.15 x64, Win10.
Video: (Dropbox link no longer works.)
Any ideas, or what other information can I provide?

Please link your account.

Thank you!

Does it make a difference if the option to keep the selected item in the center of the tree is on/off?

Yes! Unchecking the option "Position selected item in the middle of the tree" solves the problem. I wasn't aware of that option, will leave it off for now.
Thank you.

I have the same issue. I thought it was "Position selected item in the middle of the tree", but this option has no influence on the problem. DO 12.16.
Sometimes it occurs if I use the scroll thumb to scroll the folder tree up and down, then click a folder with the previously-selected folder off-screen.