Folder tree list - stale content

I'm seeing that the folder tree list is not being updated, even with F5.

Left side of image is Folder Tree, right side is the file/folder list of the same directory. The arrow shows the folder "Mr. Fingers" should exist in the Folder Tree.

What kind of folder are you in?

Local drive, nothing special:

M:\Music Converted

Was that dir just created (or renamed) or was it there before the window was opened?

Is this reproducible? Only with dirs that have similar names (except for a .) as other dirs, or anything like that?

If you open another window for the same folder and make the same changes in that, do the file displays in both windows update okay? (And the folder trees in both not update?)

The folders are being created external to dopus, while the folder tree/list is open in a dual view.

It reproduces easily here - I've done it several times. The (old/new) directory names happen to be similar, because I'm renaming some music files (via my music manager program).

I've tried F5 refresh, tried using a Refresh button, tried refreshing while selecting the parent folder in the Folder tree (eg. Music Converted), and by selecting some content (eg. Morphine). It won't refresh in this lister.

If I open a new lister, the Folder Tree is correct there.

Easy enough to duplicate here - using a comamnd line, I just created a new folder in the M:\Music Converted folder. It doesn't appear in the same Folder Tree, and Refresh doesn't resolve.

What does your run run the default command: Go REFRESH=source That should updates the file display + folder tree, while other commands may only update the file display.

Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Fully populate contents may be worth a try, although I think it would only matter here if you were doing something unusual.

Does the file display update to show the new folders automatically, or only after you manually refresh it?

The change notification debugging steps might reveal something.

Something was very screwy with this open lister. Go REFRESH=source didn't do anything with the Folder List. The file list auto-updates within 1-3 seconds.

If I open a new lister to the same views, locations, etc., both the file list and Folder Tree populate within 1-3 seconds after a new directory is created.

On a hunch, I forced a change to a different Folder in the Folder Tree, collapsing the problematic folder. I then deleted some folder at the root of the drive just to stir things up. When I selected and expanded the Music Converted folder, the stale content is gone and updates are working again for the Folder Tree. Who knows...

I had this happen again, just after the update to the recent beta. Relevant details may be that a lister needs to be open, an update performed, the reboot where the lister auto-opens on startup. But I'm not sure. As above, I had to close the problematic lister.