Folder tree on the right side

Is it possible to place the folder tree on the right side and files/tabs on the left side?

No, that's not possible. You can have folder trees on either side, but they will always be on the left side of the file displays.

Is it difficult, or impossible, to incorporate a feature like that in future releases?

There is one situation where the tree will appear on the right: If you're in dual-horizontal mode and only have the tree for the right file display on, it appears over there.

Why do you want it on the right? I don't think anyone else has ever asked for that in all the years Opus has existed.

I know this is old thread, but I would like to know if there are any changes on this issue? I use dopus on my right screen and I often need to drag files from there to my other monitors. In my folder tree I got numerous web hard drive locations in favourites. There is a small lag (5-10 seconds, depending on web speed) that I have to wait everytime when I accidentally drag file across a favourited web hard drive location. This is not a big issue but it happens quite often and gets on my nerves. Thats why I would also like to move folder tree to right side.

No change. You could turn off the tree in that window if dragging across it is causing problems due to having web drives listed in it, but that's about it.

+1 I like folder tree on the right side too. This is my top fr coming from xyplorer

I also put tree on the right side for all IDEs like visual studio/intellij/vscode. So I feel it's reasonable


I'm definitely the same with the IDEs, and it would be good if the file manager was the same. To my mind, we read from left to right - and the stuff on the left for the file manager should be the files themselves. It makes more logical sense to my brain.

In fact, none of my default listers have a folder tree at all for this exact reason.