Folder Tree Pane text shifts out of view

When I have a folder tree pane open (which is always), and drag files into it to a new folder to move or copy them, the name of the folder in the tree "shifts" to the right. ie, when the folder names are longer than the width of the folder window, those names shift to the right. This is often convenient because you can now read the test which was initially off-screen. Howver the problem is that AFTER the copy or move, the folder tree view stays right-shifted. So one has to go back to the tree pane, and shift the view back to the left (with the scroll bar at the bottom of the pane), before being able to do another move/copy. This is because one now cannot read the folders with short names (they are off screen to the left) nor can you see the little + signs that indicate a tree expansion. I find this a lot of extra key strokes.

What I would like is to know if the folder view can be set to automatically revert to the left, so you can see the folder names again. Or better for me, lock the tree view so it never shifts to the right and becomes obscured. (This latter may not suit everyone, who do not know the names of the long folders, but I only need to see the first few words anyway).

Here is what the view looks like after the text has moved to the right. Note (on the left side) that you cannot properly see the folders anymore because the names moved to the right automatically:

After the copy, it stays like this. Thats what is annoying.

Here is the format I would prefer it automatically reverts to, or can be locked into. In other words, go back automatically to the way it was:

I believe you are talking about a new feature idea Lock Tree, which I believe has already requested by another. However, it wouldn't hurt for you to file your own feature request with GP Software.

thanks. i will go there.

This is the problem. How does one know if its a feature request or an existing feature that you cannot find. This is one of the most complex programs I have used (for over 2 years now). So, why do I love it so much... :slight_smile: :slight_smile:[/quote]

Well I think thats a bit impolite. Don't you think I searched for 15 minutes before posting a question? Perhaps the question is: how to read a few thousand threads with the word tree in them to find the one obscure reference that is relevant? Or perhaps: when do you give up on search because you don't know the words someone else used to describe a related problem? Is there a time limit? My searches repeatedly gave me 9 or more pages of topics. How useful is that? Not all of us memorise this forum.

Well sorry, didn't mean to offend you - but tree shift as a search term, with search for all terms turned on, returns 12 matches, the second of which (or first before you posted your message) is the "feature request" in question.

You don't need to - you can use the words you yourself use, and still find it.

The search function is there for a reason you know :slight_smile:

Most don't. :smiley:

I believe that Search would be much more useful if the search for all terms option was defaulted to ON. Or if there was some sort of relevancy rating like some other search engines have. I forget to enable that option and get several pages of posts.