Folder Tree Question

I had to re-install my OS, now I don't remember how I can make the folder tree not expand when I double click on folders. I looked through the options for half an hour already but can't find it. Sorry, please advise.


Do you mean when you single click? That'd be the first checkbox under Preferences, Listers, Folder Tree, Automatically expand selection.

But if you do mean double click I'm not sure. (Why would you double click a tree item if not to open it up? Does it do something else as well?)

Or maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick and you mean you don't want the folder tree to expand to show the new current location when you double click a folder in the main file display area? I didn't know you could turn that off, but maybe you can somehow.

Yes I meant that when I double click in the display area it doesn't expand the folder tree. I don't want the folder tree to expand all the time because "program files" and such are really huge. I can do right click and "up one level" - it's very neat.

I did have this working last time ( and I'm using the same now. Just can't find the option :confused:

Alright I found it, and pretty simple as well.

The small lock in the folder tree keeps it the same unless I press the +/- icons.

Thanks anyway!