Folder tree shows Zip folder after deleting it

This phenomenon can be confirmed only when [Enable internal Opus Zip support] is ON.
Was to delete the folder from the ZIP file that contains some multi-byte character string, went wrong information folder in the ZIP file.

Please refer to the attached file. (1.17 KB)

After deleting the folder of [testZip], will be to change the folder in the [].

This is a case.
ZIP file at the time of operation, funny handling of multi-byte character fundamentally.
(From the time of display, for example)



Thanks for the report! I can confirm there is a bug here which we'll fix.

It's very minor, though:

[ul][li]After deleting the folder, if you then go to another folder and then push F5 (refresh), the deleted folder is gone from the folder tree. So the folder isn't really still in the zip; it's just that the folder tree hasn't updated properly at first.[/li]
[li]Also, if you delete the folder via the file display (instead of the folder tree), everything updates properly straight away.[/li][/ul]
So the zip itself is updated correctly and it's just a display problem in the folder tree. It can be worked around by refreshing the tree, or by doing the delete via the file display, until we get it fixed.

(PS: The same happens with a similar zip containing only ASCII dir names, so multi-byte characters aren't an issue.)

Was OK.
I'll try to check it again when the modified version.