Folder tree update not consistent when using SABNZBD

I use SABNZBD to automatically download files listed in NZB files. Typically these files are stored in RAR format, and it also automatically unRARs them.

During this process, it downloads the files to a folder called 'incomplete', and creates a sub-folder which is the name of the NZB file.

After download is complete, it creates a folder called 'UNPACK' followed by the NZB file name. When the unRAR is complete, it renames the 'UNPACK' folder to the actual name of the NZB file.

For some reason DOPUS never picks up on the rename, and I end up with a bunch of 'UNPACK' folders in the folder tree every day.

Hitting Refresh or navigating to another folder doesn't cause the folder tree to refresh, only closing the folder, clicking on 'This Computer' in the folder tree and navigating to the folder again seem to force the refresh.

Note that the folder name in the file list is updated fine, only the folder tree remains unchanged.

Similar to the other post about DiskStation, please see Changes to folders are not always detected for suggested troubleshooting & diagnostic steps.