Folder with 1 mp3 not showing as a CD in thumbnail view

i have several 'albums' that are single MP3s, and i keep then in seperate folders along with a folder.jpg image. when i look at my music in thumbnail mode, all folders look like CDs (though they are far too wide for some reason), but the folders with a single MP3 just look like big ugly yellow XP folders.

i added an empty file called dummy.mp3 to the folder and that fixes the problem, but this is a really lousy workaround. is this threshold hard-coded or can i adjust it?


If you only have folder.jpg in the folder then Opus guesses whether it's a music album based on how many MP3s there are. (I think it has to be 3 MP3s out of the first 5 files it finds in the folder.)

You can force it to draw CD Album-style thumbnails for the folder by copying folder.jpg to coverart.jpg

(You can rename it instead of copying it if you want but then the image won't be noticed by Explorer, Windows Media Player and anything else that only looks for folder.jpg.)


i copied folder.jpg to coverart.jpg then set folders with at least 25% mp3s to hide jpgs. works great!