FOLDERCONTENT: move focused lister to topmost z layer?

When using a floating toolbar, if a lister is open and below other windows, and a folder via FOLDERCONTENT is clicked, the lister opens the folder but stays at the current z layer.

  • How can I move a lister to the topmost z layer via FOLDERCONTENT?

I’ve tried using functions like:
Go "S:\menus\production\acctmgr\content writing" FOLDERCONTENT


I just discovered this only happens when using “folder shortcuts” in the folder listed by the FOLDERCONTENT argument.

  • Clicking on a “real folder” always gives focus and brings the lister window to the topmost z layer.
  • Given this, I doubt there is any reasonable method to tell opus the difference.

I've solved the solution:

  • Go "coll://Content Writing" FOLDERCONTENT
  • I used file collections and added just the folders I need to build the floating toolbar menus.
  • This method always opens the target folder and brings the lister window to the topmost z layer without opening a new lister window.

I’ve been searching a long time for a way to have a static menu across the top that can be used to navigate windows directory hierarchies in different unilateral categorized structures (e.g. like how a website’s navigation menu is structured, but for widows directories, not web pages.) Why this isn’t available in windows is…??? Maybe because I’m the only one who wants totally customizable navigation and gui?