Folderformat, Filetypeformat forces fileview to refresh


I've create a file type format for MP3 files. When I turn that on, the file view refreshes all 2 seconds and I can't find out why.
I have had a folder format defined (on a specific folder) which I have unchecked to not collide somehow with the file type format but that did not help.

Any ideas what could cause this behaviour?

Many thanks

Are the files on a QNAP brand NAS (network storage) by any chance? Sounds a lot like this thread.

If not, chances are something keeps modifying the files in that folder, or keeps reporting to the OS (and thus Opus) that the files are being modified even if they aren't.

Hi Leo

Good guess, my music library is on a QNAP 219P!

I'm wondering if this bug was introduced in one of the last updates because I have my NAS for some time now and did not see this behaviour before.

Thanks for your support!