Folderoptions hide filter keeps resetting partly in 12.21

i have a filter hiding foldernames for one of my partitions. It is "(DeliveryOptimization|Felix|Program Files|PSAutoRecover|WindowsApps|WpSystem|WUDownloadCache|vc)". But DOpus keeps removing "vc" from the filter so that this folder shows up again and again. I couldnt find any recent reports about this so i created a new topic.


Just vc, but not the bracket after it?

Is it just reverting to a previously saved version of the filter? Did you save the new folder format after adding the extra name? (If you add the name in the Folder Options dialog and click OK, it only affects the current tab until it's closed or you change to a folder which triggers a different format.)

Thanks for the fast reply.
Well for some reason i just applied those settings but didnt save the folderformat for this partition, which made a difference (at least for now and probably persistantly). Thanks.
But to be honest, this behaviour / way of making it persistant is at least for me a bit contradictory / unclear because i could directly see the difference but then when coming back wondering why it didnt work.


You can make changes that aren't saved, for when you only want to temporarily alter the way things are displayed. Otherwise, you'd have to undo every change you made, and would also find it hard to change the defaults that you want every folder to use, if you'd ever made a small or temporary change in any of the folders.

Seems like it was not obvious to me but that makes sense now. Thanks.

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