Folders links from quick launch all opened in ONE Opus windo

Hello, and thanks for reading.
I often launch some explorers from my quick launch bar (where i have my most frequently used folders (music, downloads, config panel...), which opens a new Opus instance each time.
the question is: is it possible to have those folders opened in different tabs in one unique instance of opus as i would like to have just one Opus window opened.?
thanks a lot if anyone can help me, and sorry for the English.

If you want to launch all of the folders at once then there is a good way of doing this. Shout if that's the case.

On the other hand, if you want the "single window, like Firefox" mode, where whenever you open a directory from another program it opens a new tab in an existing window, then there isn't an ideal way to do that at the moment. There are hacky solutions but they have drawbacks and are probably best avoided unless you really, really want it.

See this thread, which links to a couple of further threads: ... ht=firefox

Hopefully a better solution will be added in the future since so many people have asked for this.