Foldersize comparison DO12 and Everything


After upgrading to DO13 I was curious how fast DO will calculate the folder size with the help of Everything (1.5 latest beta, btw.).

I got the following folder size for c:\windows and wondered, why the values of Windows Explorer, DO and ET itself differ significantly.

I had a look into ETs settings and noticed that no file types and not folders or paths have been excluded or omitted.

This leaves the question: Where do those values come from? Or better: Where does DO get its value from?

Can't image that those are rounding issues or probably KB or KiB calculation issues. Maybe I missed the obvious?

Solid explanation here:

Ok, I've read this before but I initially though, I got three different values for folder size above.

Looking deeper or better, converting 34.121.407 KB (source: Everything) to GB (dest: Dopus) seems to be identical.


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