"Follow me" panes


I've looked in the docs, and on these boards. But can't see what I'm after.

What I'd like to see is a mirroring mode in the panels. I'm often in hierachies that are similar and would love to be able to double click on a folder in one panel and have the other panel mirror that change by going into the same folder.

Working in a draft area and a CVS folder tree*
A local webfolder on one side and an FTP connection to that live site

(A local file copy, not via CVS... although that would be good too :slight_smile:)

Does that make sense?



It does indeed make sense!

I suggested this recently on the beta-testers mailing list and I'm hoping it will be added at some point as it would frequently be useful for me.

I would find this useful as well... I often have seperate root folders with the same sub-dir structures to store various 'stages' of a project I am working on, and would find it handy to 'link' the navigation of those identical folder structures together in a dual-pane lister.

What would REALLY be nice as well to augment your idea would be to have some way of invoking the Colors and Fonts system to highlight 'same name' files between the 2 linked listers which have different user defined attributes (date and time for example... or size)... Anyone ever use Araxis Merge :slight_smile:? It wouldn't have to be as low-level (byte by byte compare) a functionality as that, just a simple validation of differences in user specified meta-data that Dopus already has access to...?

Nice idea!

Yeah steje, I've used Araxis merge, but too expensive for me so I deal with Beyond Compare

Hey Zero, yeah I've tried BC as well as IDM's Ultra Compare... but after sampling Araxis I just can't deal with any lesser (at least what I feel to be lesser :slight_smile:) differencing tool.

Anyhow, I may have broken the rules here and went off topic from blackbugs' original request regarding lister navigation linking... Not even sure if he'd be interested in that sort of thing. It just seemed like a natural augmentation to what I interpreted to be the 'reason and purpose' behind his proposal.