Following symbolic links not working?

running Opus 9 under Vista I can´t get it to follow symbolic links to their "real" destination.

E.g. looking at the Vista root directory and trying to navigate into "Documents and Settings" should take me to "c:\users", but instead I do get a error message "Access denied".
I even tried to run Opus with admin rights or to give the lister temporary admin rights - no success.

When running Total Commander (even in non admin mode) it easily follows the symbolic link as I would expect. My vista user is a admin user.

I have attached the respective screenshots. Shot 1 + 2 showing Opus and the error, shot 3 showing how Total Commander follows the link to its destination c:\users automatically with no error.

I checked the forum, and while there are similar topics I could not find a solution for this.

Any help appreciated - Peter

PS: Sorry for the german screenshots - guess you get what it shows ...

Microsoft has set the default access permissions of most of the standard Vista links/junctions to 'Deny All' - this is why you can't enter them. You will get the same thing in Explorer or from a DOS prompt.

You must not be using Opus (the latest) however, as code was added to that version to cope with this situation, and do what it seems like Total Commander is doing (that is, if access to a directory junction is denied on double-click, it will resolve the link and then read the target folder instead.)

Hi Jon,

thanks for your reply - and your absolutely right.

Sorry - missed to update my Opus in my Vista test installation. Updated to .... and presto: Works similar to Total Commander! Now I can destroy my friends last reason for him to use TC.

Your answer also helped me to understand how Vista is handling the rights of symbolic links.

Opus is great - and perfect support.

Thanks again - Peter