Font fallback and formatting not working in Logs

I've recently noticed that the script output log doesn't display some symbols, for example, this script log output ✗Lister⎋ is displayed with two white boxes, even though there are fonts installed that have them. If I manually change the font from Segoe UI to Segoe UI symbols, I see the symbols, but I didn't have to do anything like that in the unknown past

Also other apps don't require this font change and, I guess, rely on OS font fallback mechanisms for such display. But more importantly, DOpus displays the symbols just fine in the file names (even with the same font)

And none of the font styling (bold/italic) options work for the Logs panel (while they do for file names)

The log uses the standard Windows RichText control, which has some quirks if you use characters that aren’t in the main font. Not much we can do about that, unless we re-write the log to use another text control.

Interestin, I thought WordPad was just one RichText control (and it works)? But ok, then, will use a more symbolic font for the logs