Font size changing bug

When I set the font size in preferences->display->colours & fonts->fonts for all seven options (from file display to thumbnail labels), sometimes it does not remember then.

For example, if i set it to 10, it sets them to 15. If I set them to 9, then it sets them to 6. This sometimes occurs after a reboot but other times it occurs after closing the program and reopening it.

I'm using Opus 64bit with Windows 7 x64 retail with a custom dpi of 150% on a resolution of 1920x1080p.

I really like your program and wish to purchase it but this bug makes it unusable as sometimes the fonts are too large and other times too small.

I run high DPI on my laptop and there seems to be a bug in Windows 7 where it sometimes runs Opus as if it's DPI aware (it's not yet) and sometimes runs it as if it's not (where its windows get scaled). You may be running into that.

At least, I assume it's a bug in Windows 7 as Opus itself doesn't change but some boots Windows runs it on one mode and other boots in another.

A high-DPI-aware version of Opus is planned for the future and should work around these problems but exactly when it'll be ready is not yet known.

I dont believe it's a bug with windows 7. The font sizes in preferences->display->colours & fonts->fonts are physically being changed sometimes on start up so it must be Opus doing this for some reason.

If it was just a bug with windows 7 then the windows size would look different but the font sizes wouldn't be changed.

Which fonts are you using?

The default font (which i believe is Segoe UI) as I have never changed the font - the only thing i changed was the font size.

I still suspect it's what I mentioned before, although it needs more investigation which will come as part of the general high-DPI work.

Font sizes aren't stored as what you see/select in the dialog; the size that you see in the dialog is obtained by dividing the internal size by one of the system font metrics. If the OS supplies a different metric to DPI-aware apps then it'd make sense that the reported size (as well as a lot of other things, of course) was different depending on whether or not the OS ran an app as DPI-aware.

Thanks. Is there a workaround as the software is unusable because of this problem.

I'm confused, are you saying that the actual fonts you see in the Lister are changing size, or just that the numbers you see in Preferences are changing?

Both. The actual fonts change size from time to time and if you go into preferences you can that they've chagned there also.