Force credentials prompt for LAN access?

This is more of a Windows question than an Opus question but maybe Opus can come to the rescue.

When I log in to Windows I use a Microsoft identity with an associated PIN. This identity is evidently linked within Windows to the default (local) "admin" administrative account. My Synology NAS also has a default "admin" administrative ID. Every hacker on the planet knows this and Synology users are advised to create another administrative ID and disable the default "admin" ID.

If I set the same password for Windows "admin" and NAS "admin" and I don't disable "admin" on the NAS then I can easily access the NAS structure from Opus by keying \\192.168.xx.yyy into the address bar, where 192.168.xx.yyy is the address of the NAS on the LAN. However, when I disable admin on the NAS, attempting to access via \\192.168.xx.yyy triggers this error.


I am hoping that there is some way of persuading Opus to prompt for alternative NAS administrative ID/password credentials rather than simply trying with default credentials and failing.

You can map a drive letter and tell it to use different credentials when you do that.

If you want to use UNC paths, and avoid drive letters, then the only way I know of is to use the "net use" command to establish alternative credentials to use instead.

You'd also normally get a credentials prompt from Windows if you used a UNC path to a machine that doesn't have a username the same on it. Having the account disabled but still there presumably stops that from happening, but maybe you can do something on the NAS to make it say the account doesn't exist rather than that it is disabled. Something to ask the NAS vendor.

Thanks for the clarification @Leo. I had hoped that the Synology admin account could be renamed or replaced but neither option is available. For now I will live with the risk of having admin enabled on the NAS with a suitably strong password.