Force filenames to sort to the bottom (was: ASCII above 122)

hi, In order to force filenames to the bottom of an ascending alphabetical list, I've tried prefixing them with ASCII 123, 126, 134, 171. But the filenames continue to sort above ASCII 48 (0). Is there a way around this or is there a different approach? Thanks for the help.

Try an Ω character but it may depend on how your system locale sorts characters, which can vary from country to country.

Ω seems to sort after most letters, numbers and symbols in my English (UK) locale.

I don't know the ASCII value of that character yet (omega) to be able to reproduce it easily but it worked. The files sorted below others as desired. Thanks for the quick reply.

Ankor, does this help? ... IGreek.htm

No, it doesn't. But I found it as Alt 234.

Oh great. yes Alt 234 produces omega. Thanks.

The three-digit alt codes depend on your keymap so won't work for everyone.

The Character Map tool that comes with Windows makes it easy to search for characters and to find their alt codes, if they have any. They show up in the bottom-right of the status bar. (It's blank in my screenshot because there's no alt code for omega in the UK keymap, it seems.)

The Unicode code point on the left can also be used, but only after changing a registry setting to enable it.

If I was using it a lot, I'd probably set up a rename button or preset to add or toggle it on the front of files, rather than type it by hand. Alternatively, a hotkey could be set up to put it into the clipboard (Opus can do that by itself), or to type it via a hotkey (might be possible from an Opus script using SendKeys, or via a tool like Autohotkey if not), which may be nicer than having to tap out an alt code a lot.