Force New Listers to Open in a New Tab Instead?

Is is possible?
Couldn't find the setting anywhere, and all searches turned up 1500+ results w no relevant topics.

Disregard found it in the FAQ. RTFM! lol

You did better than me then! I can't find it in the FAQ's of the Help File - very frustrating! If someone has the answer can you let me know, thanks.

Here it is: [Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows)

Found by searching the list of FAQs (organised by topic) for "tab":

thanks for the quick reply - I'd just worked out how to do it and was about to post a screenshot but since you've put the link up I don't need to now :smiley:

I found the FAQ you linked to earlier but for some reason didn't scroll down far enough to see the third screenshot :blush: Oh well, all sorted now!