Force "One Lister" ala Firefox

Is it possible to include an option that forces any event that would normally spin off a new lister to instead open a new tab in the current lister?

This would work in a similar fashion to how the Firefox browser can be configured ie clicking a link in an email or a web page will simply create a new tab in the one running instance of Firefox, rather than creating a new instance of Firefox.

The reason for the request is that I usually try to have just one instance of DOpus running, yet when I click on a zip file on my desktop for example, it will create a new lister just for that file. I'd prefer it opened in my already running lister which has tabs available for my currently used folders, etc making it easier to extract files to the correct place. Also keeps the taskbar nice and tidy...


Someone asked the same question a couple of days ago. There isn't an officially supported, ideal way to do this, but there is a way that might work for you if you want to try it:

[External applications to open in specified lister)

Thanks Nudel. I only did an eyeball search of thread titles before posting and missed that one. I'll give the reg hacks a go and see if that works.