Forum web pages: 'find on page' vs. 'forum search'

I'm guessing the answer is embarrassingly simple, but:

In Chrome, I'm accustomed to pressing Ctrl+F to search for text on the current web page. But on this forum, that keyboard shortcut raises a box that starts a new search of the forum, not of the current page.

I've read the FAQ (nothing there of course), searched the forum, tried a bunch of keyboard combinations, but can't discover how to do this.

That should actually be "re-discover how to do this," because at one point a few weeks ago I lucked into the answer -- but I've since forgotten it. This, of course, drives me doubly crazy.

The "find on page" functionality is important on pages with long threads. Can you tell me how to search a page via keyboard shortcut, now that the forum search has usurped the web page search? [:-p)

Many thanks,

If happens with long threads when Discourse hasn't sent the whole thread to your browser yet (because you haven't scrolled up or down to load the whole thing).

In that situation, the browser's normal Ctrl-F would only search what it had loaded so far, not the whole thread, so Discourse replaces it with its own functionality which searches the whole thread on the server side.

It confused me at first as well.

Aha! Makes sense. Thanks very much!

Posting this very easy workaround for those who might have run into this problem and who are using Chrome.

In Chrome, to use the keyboard to search on a page without triggering the Discourse search function:

Instead of typing Chrome's standard 'Ctrl+F' shortcut, simply type 'Alt+F, F' instead.

This opens the Chrome File menu and selects Find, bringing up Chrome's standard small search box at the top of the page.

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Nice work around. You might find this thread on discourse of interest.

Just seeing this, sorry. After all your valuable input to this forum over the years, to get a 'nice work' from the likes of you (even on something so modest as my suggestion) makes my day, thanks.

The thread you linked to is of interest, all right. Looks like Discourse's Find method has a few detractors. I'm among them.

Thank you for your great work on this forum. I'm continually blown away by the knowledge and energy of people like you, Leo, Jon, tbone, and others. Dopus wouldn't be the same without you.

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I don't want to rethink how I search in a page. This should be optional, and opt-in.

Confusing to everyone, hence bad idea. This goes against what DO is all about, IMO.

We didn't write the forum software. Discourse is also being used just about everywhere these days so it's probably a good idea to get used to how it works.