Found a bug in FAYT command

I set the default FAYT to the Dopus command when I activate the Dopus command box or clear the command
I press theupdown,The following error appears
This bug can be reproduced stably.
PS: The latest version of dopus 13.3.1 is installed

Today, I restarted my computer and found that the problem still exists

I can't reproduce this.
Curious to know if the same thing happens to you with 13.3.0. Since it seems to be related to the visible descriptions added in the last beta (plus maybe some character included in those descriptions?)

Yes, for now it should only be possible to display descriptions of custom user commands

I can't reproduce the issue either. (Assuming you just open the Command field, delete whatever you typed to open it, and then push up to open the history.)

Could you make some process snapshots while the "Unhandled Exception" message is displayed (before clicking any of the buttons in the message)?

Okay, thank you.And what should I do about you said snapshot of progress?

All the instructions are in the page I linked to.

Okay, thank you.
I just tried it, if I cancel the FAYT default mode, restore the shortcut > of the dopus command, and then press up, it's normal, the history command pops up
If you set the shortcut for the dopus command to empty and set it to the default FAYT, the exception I mentioned will appear

If you set the shortcut for the dopus command to> and set the dopus command to FAYT by default, it is normal
I checked the script log window and nothing popped up
Please test it and see if it can be reproduced.

I have sent a zip file called dopusdmp to
Please check it.

At least in my tests, it doesn't happen (DO crashing)



Thanks! We've fixed that for the next beta.