[FR] Enabling scrollwheel when drag'n'drop

When using drag'n'drop you need to move mouse to the top or bottom edge of an lister (while holding the file) to scroll up or down. Supporting the scrollwheel would be more comfortable and faster. Additionally for dualmode scrolling should be supported depending on the focus of the mousecursor (= independing from active lister).

What you think about that?

I have no idea if this is related, apologies if it isn't, but this question brings up another place where scrolling would be invaluable and where I would like to be able to use the scrollwheel.

If you have a GO operation that throws up a list of folders that is longer than a screen-full – one of mine lands on 93 folders – you have to use the up and down arrows to move between sections. I would prefer to be able to scroll through the list with the mouse.

The scrollwheel already works like this for me, so it may be related to your mouse drivers.

Works fine for me as well...

Hossa, on my tablet with Gigabyte BT mouse it works, with Logitech G400 on PC not (both without special drivers). Hmmm....

I'm using KatMouse to enhance standard windows scrolling behavior (scroll hovered window instead of the active one).
When KatMouse is enabled, scrolling when dragging doesn't work. But if I turn it off, everything works as you want.

I didn't even notice it doesn't work, though. I always try to open folder to drag files from in regular file view, then scroll folder tree and then drag files - no scrolling is needed then.

This is a small tool AlwaysMouseWheel 3.12
regularly updated, it works on all those apps on windows.

Voilà un petit outil AlwaysMouseWheel 3.12
régulièrement mis à jour, il fonctionne sur tous les softs sous windows.

Just for information: I switched to the Logitech G400s, now it works with standard MS drivers as it should (BTW also the G500s works, but she returned because laser is not optimal for me :slight_smile:).