Free Download Manager opens Explorer instead of Opus

This isn't really a huge problem, but when using free download manager to download a file, then pressing the folder button which should bring up the folder the item is located in, it opens it with the stock windows explorer instead of opus, breaking my workflow a bit I guess. Not sure if you can do anything about this though or if it is a problem on thier side since it works perfectly with everything else, just wanted to give you guys a heads up or something.

It all depends how they're opening the folder. There's an official API function call that apps can use, and if they do then Opus will intercept it. Unfortunately not a lot of developers know about that function, so they end up doing it one of several other ways, only some of which can be intercepted.

We'll have a look and see but it's possible there's nothing we can do from our end, the developers of the other app would need to make a change to enable this to work properly.

As I suspected, they are specifically running explorer.exe with the /select parameter, using an API (CreateProcess) that we can't intercept.

You could try contacting the developer and asking if they would consider changing to use the SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems API call instead, which we would then be able to intercept.

Oh, thanks for bothering to look it up. I will add it as a feature suggestion or something on their forum when I get the time. Really loving opus pro though, going to have to buy it when my trial runs out