Freeze Favorites Folder Tree?

Is there a way to do this?

Its kind of like in an excel document where you freeze the first row in your sheet, because that has all the important information you need to reference often, etc

Like the folder tree in directory opus

Could I freeze the "favorites" section so that when I scroll up and down the folder tree, the favorites don't change? E.G.

could I do this?

or perhaps a dual pane setup with favorites folder tree? (each with their own scrollbar?)

These ideas a getting crazy. :dizzy_face:

Have you tried the favorites button?
If one click really isn't quick enough, didn't you already make a bunch of bookmarks just now?

If i might make a suggestion. Have a look around the program and it's options first before you post every little thing you do or think of. There is really no shame in reading through the Help. Maybe 'help' is a misnomer because it's really a guide that's very comprehensive and professionally done. And basically covers every little detail, with examples, screenshots and all. Just press F1. :wink:

ps. You can freeze the Folder Tree at least by pressing the little lock on top.

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