Freeze loading 3rd folder into Opus from outside (11.13 x64)


Thanks for your help!

I will give those things a try when I get a chance. I want to ask you do you think that reinstalling might help. You know "he installs last, installs best"?

If so, then I just backup my configuration? Uninstall/Install. Restore the configuration. Will it take my certificate again?


I did the test you proposed with ShellExView and it made no difference.

Thanks for trying that test.

Please do the other tests to see if WindowManager or Ultramon are involved.

Re uninstalling, doing a config backup, then uninstalling Opus is certainly worth a try. Try before restoring the config backup, in case the issue is triggered by configuration changes, scripts, etc. that have been installed. Be sure to reboot when prompted, to make sure all components are properly removed/replaced. Your existing certificate should work. Use Settings > Backup & Restore to make the config backup.

Okay. When I get a chance, I will try all that.


Disabling the load of Ultramon and WindowManager had not impact.

What would happen if I tried running the 32 bit version of Opus on 64 bit WIN7?

Nothing useful.

The uninstall + clean config test is still worth doing.

Do you have any scripts installed? (Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts)

No scripts installed.

I may uninstall/reinstall. We are reaching the point where I am fine with my work around. Computers are like that. Highly complex. It is hard to get everything perfect.

In any case, thanks for all your help!