Freeze loading 3rd folder into Opus from outside (11.13 x64)

If I have shortcuts with the following style of command line:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe" E:\Games\ACW2\CW2\Settings

I can open two windows/listers. When I go to open the third such window/lister, it never opens and the two open ones stop responding. The only resolution is to kill the dopus.exe process in the Task Manager.

I can also create this another way. If I have shortcuts like:


and use the context menu option to "open with Opus" the same thing happens.

It should be noted that I have no problem with more than two Open windows/listers. I can open 20 or more and be in different locations.

Just this method causes problems.

Please help. Thank you.

PS: I am running on WIN7-64 Pro (fully patched).

Okay, here is what I believe is happening.

Normally, when you open new lister windows, there is still only a single "dopus.exe" process.

This approach opens a new "dopus.exe" process for each windows directory. On the third process creation, everything hangs up. I have tried using args:




it makes not difference.

More debugging information.

The first two opens are being handled by the a single "dopus.exe process". The third open creates a second process which causes all the problems.

It looks like Opus was not constructed to have multiple concurrent instances and that is exactly what is happening.

Further information: The same bug happens if you try to do "SEND TO" Opus. The first two go to one process and with the creation of the second everything freezes up.


PS: I know that perhaps I could try using Opus as an explorer replacement, but I don't want to do that for various reasons. However, I have lots of folders saved on my desktop and in "program groups" on my desktop that I want to open in Opus and not Explorer.

/acmd is an argument for dopusrt.exe not dopus.exe, and would take an internal command line as an argument, not just a path.

There should only ever be one dopus.exe instance and possibly one dopusrt.exe instance (outside of brief moments where another runs, passes information to the main dopus.exe, then exits). (If multiple users are logged on at once then there will be more, one set per user.)

Does the problem you are seeing only happen with specific folders?

No. All folders.

So if you run:

dopus.exe C:
dopus.exe "C:\Program Files"
dopus.exe "C:\Windows"

Opus freezes on the third one?

I will do that test now.

Yes, that is what happened.

Opus isn't running elevated is it?

You mean process priority. Yes, I did. I will try running it at normal and see what happens.

Or do you mean as "Admin". Yet, it is. I cannot change that, since UAC is shutdown and I run as the built-in Admin which always has the security token.

I just tested process priority and it makes no difference.

Jon meant UAC, but why was the priority changed from normal? What else has been changed on your system?

Lot's of things of have been changed. It is a PC after all.

So, I gather that you are unable to reproduce the problem?

Changing process priority is a pretty weird thing to do to a file manager, though. Anything else like that? What was it done to achieve?

Any tools installed which modify normal Windows behaviour, like custom window handling, extra gadgets in the window borders, things which monitor or are "invasive" into other programs' UIs, and so on?

Correct, we cannot reproduce what you're seeing. There is nothing special about the third folder to be opened and no reason it should cause a lock-up.

The issue may be with a shell extension you have installed (ShellExView is a tool that can list and enable/disable them).

Just to get fast response over background processes.

I will find ShellExView and send you a dump.

I have WindowManager installed which replicates the old open folder behavior of XP on the desktop. Remembering locations and settings.

I have Ultramon installed for dual monitor support, but I have yet to pick up the second monitor.

.contact shell context menu
.contact shell extension handler
.contact shell extension handler
.contact shell extension handler
.exe drop target
.group shell context menu
.group shell extension handler
.group shell extension handler
.group shell extension handler
Acronis Secure Zone
Acronis True Image Shell Context Menu Extension
Action Center CPL
Administrative Tools
All Control Panel Items
Backup And Restore
Bluetooth Bluewire Shell property extension object
Bluewire General Property Sheet
BtwContextMenu2 Class
BtwSendtoExplorer Class
Cleaner for Downloaded Program Files
Code Download Agent
CompatContextMenu Class
Compressed (zipped) Folder DropHandler
Compressed (zipped) Folder SendTo Target
Computers and Devices
Content Indexer Cleaner
ContextMenuHandler Class
Control Panel
ConvertToPDF Class
Copy as Path Menu
Credential Manager
CryptPKO Class
Data Driven Cleaner
Desktop Shortcut
DesktopContext Class
Device Center
Device Center Property Page
Device Manager
DfsShell Class
Directory Opus Context Menu
Directory Opus Context Menu
Directory Opus Desktop Context Menu
Directory Opus Drop Target
Directory Opus File Collection Shell Extension
Directory Opus Find Extension
Directory Opus Icon Handler
Directory Opus Info Tip Handler
Directory Opus Shell Execute Hook
Directory Opus Shell Execute Hook
Disk Copy Extension
Drive Property Page Extension
DropboxExt1 Class
DropboxExt2 Class
DropboxExt3 Class
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DropboxExt5 Class
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DropboxExt7 Class
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Ease of Access
Encryption Context Menu
Enhanced Storage Context Menu Handler Class
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Express Zip
Express Zip
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Folder Customization Tab
For &People...
Foxit PDF Thumbnail Handler
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Getting Started
HomeGroup Control Panel
IE History and Feeds Shell Data Source for Windows Search
IEContextMenu Class
In-pane search
Include In Library Sub Context Menu
Internet Shortcut
Internet Shortcut
Internet Shortcut
Internet Shortcut
Internet Shortcut
Internet Shortcut
Internet Shortcut
IPropertyStore Handler for Images
Library Folder Context Menu
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Library Property Store
Location Description Property Handler
Mail Service
MAPI Mail Previewer
MF ADTS Property Handler
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Microsoft Disk Quota UI
Microsoft OLE DB Service Component Data Links
Microsoft OLE DB Service Component Data Links
Microsoft SendTo Service
Microsoft Url Search Hook
Microsoft Windows Font Context Menu Handler
Microsoft Windows Font Folder
Microsoft Windows Font IExtractImage Handler
Microsoft XPS Rich Preview Handler
Microsoft XPS Shell Metadata Handler
Microsoft XPS Shell Metadata Handler
Monitor Class
MyDocs Drop Target
MyFolder menu and properties
Network and Sharing Center
Network Map
New Menu Handler
Norton Identity Protection
Norton Toolbar
NVIDIA CPL Context Menu Extension
Office Document Property Handler
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Pinned Site Shortcut
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Property Thumbnail Handler
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Recycle Bin Cleaner
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Security Shell Extension
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Shell extensions for sharing
Shell extensions for sharing
Shell Icon Handler for Application References
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ShellFolder for CD Burning
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ShellLink for Application References
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VersionsPageShellExt Class
VersionsPageShellExt Class
WebCheck SyncMgr Handler
Windows Desktop Gadgets
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Windows Font previewer
Windows Media Player Rich Preview Handler
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Windows Photo Viewer Image Verbs
Windows Photo Viewer Video Verbs
Windows RTF Previewer
Windows Search OpenSearch Icon Handler
Windows Search Service Media Center Namespace Extension Handler
Windows SideShow
Windows Theme Thumbnail Preview
Windows TXT Previewer
Windows Update
WinZip Preview Handler
Workspaces Center
WTVFile Property Handler
WTVFile Thumbnail Handler
WTVFile Thumbnail Handler

I am just going to use Explorer++ for these shortcuts. Thanks, anyway.

That should not be needed, as the foreground process gets a priority boost automatically in non-server versions of Windows. Messing with process priorities is usually a bad idea.

Best thing to do is disable all the non-Microsoft extensions, then reboot, and see if the problem remains. If it does, you've ruled them all out and can enable them all again. If the problem is gone, that says one of them was involved; re-enable half and try again, then repeat until it's narrowed down to a particular extension.

That could be very relevant, since it involves file manager windows.

Opus registers itself as a file manager window, and WindowManager may be doing something it shouldn't, by assuming the Opus window is an Explorer window and sending it messages that mean different things to Opus, or similar. Please uninstall that software, reboot, and see if the problem remains. If the problem is still there, you can re-install it after the test.

Ultramon is probably not involved, but it might be worth testing without it all the same.