Frequent crashes when drag any kind of file

Loyal DO user for a decade. Never used support. But this is so annoying. 80% of time of my use of DO10 the whole application crashes when I drag a file, and it occurs around boundary - whether I drag it from right window over the task bar or over to a left window, or over some other application, it crashes at the boundary of a given starting window. For example (my most frequent action) I bring up BS Player and drag over an video file into BS to get subtitles and start playing - DO10 crashes. When my BS Player is above left window and I drag video file from the right window, it also crashes.

Windows 7 x64, I know how godly is DO as a file manager, but those crashes make me feel very confused, especially when I preach DO paradigm to my fellows.

Any help? Thank you

Most likely it happens because of a third party application. You could send a minidump to GPSoft.

[url]Crash dumps for bug reports]

Which version of Opus are you using?

Please try the latest beta version if you are not using that already, as it has some fixes for drag & drop issues which were introduced recently. It's linked in my signature. (4848) x64 pro edition

I'm going to try suggested beta. Thank you

And I also maybe made a mistake sending mindump zip archive directly to Greg, but OK, let's see what happens next. Forgive me :slight_smile: