Frequent "not responding" issue with Directory Opus after mapping network drive

I have recently started using AWS VPN client and using Directory Opus to map a network drive to an AWS filesystem. It works fine but for some reason (issue with the VPN client perhaps) the mapped drive goes red (not available) but the significant issue is that once it goes red then Directory Open will not load and I get a not responding indicator in the title bar.

Can you let me know what diagnostics and traces I should turn on (and please remind me how to do this) so we can have a best chance to diagnose the issue.

Thank you!


It's best to avoid drive letters mapped to network drives that aren't always accessible/online, as any attempt to do anything with the drive letter (even just querying its icon or label) can result in the thread that's doing it being held up for 30 seconds until the API times out.

Using UNC paths instead of mapped drives is often a good solution, but you can also unmap the drive when not on the VPN. (You could make a button that maps and unmaps it as needed, for convenience.)

Thanks Leo! I greatly appreciate the prompt reply!

I will try using the UNC paths as an alternative to the mapped drive.

Can you remind me how to turn on diagnostic either for this or perhaps any future issues that might require tech support.

Thank you again!


Diagnostic methods depend on the type of issue being investigated. Process Monitor or process snapshots would make sense for this kind of thing, if the cause was unknown.