Frequent temporary freezing

For the last week or so (I believe since about the time I updated to v12.22), DOpus will frequently freeze for up to a minute or so. In addition, when I drag a number of files to move, nothing happens for as long as a minute before the files begin to copy. The same thing has been (occasionally) happening when I do an inline rename on a file. Sadly, updating to 12.22.1 didn't help; if anything, the freezes occur more frequently and last a bit longer. Yes, I've rebooted (several times) but that hasn't helped.

If it started with 12.22, it may be your antivirus. Try whitelisting dopus.exe in that.

If it's Windows Defender, it has three separate components with separate whitelists:

  • Virus scanner
  • Protected folders
  • Privacy guard

Defender has been causing problems for a lot of people since 12.22, due to that being the first version to use a new signing key.

If that doesn't help, does it only happen in certain folders (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, network drives), or folders with certain file types (e.g. .exe installers, archives, videos)?

When do the freezes happen? (When doing what; e.g. changing folders, right-clicking files.)

Is there high CPU usage (by dopus.exe, or another process?) during the freezes?

These guides may help track down the cause:

You can also generate and send us process snapshots while the freeze is happening for analysis. Please follow the instructions carefully, as most people ignore half of them. :slight_smile:

Have been having temp freezing opening folders got it to being Malwarebytes Exploit Protection with it off everything OK.
Have just had a update to Malewarebytes that appears to have fixed the problem

I followed Leo's instructions and whitelisted the dopus.exe process in Windows Security. So far that seems to have fixed things (though I've noticed that sometimes when I'm adding a label to a folder, the folder doesn't change color immediately).