Friendly dark theme

Friendly dark.dlt (30.5 KB)
This is a colors-only theme.
Please note that the tree is not darkened because I don't use the tree.

I recommend you to backup your current (even if it's default) theme before trying, so you can easily revert back.

This is a dark(er) theme which doesn't deviate from the default theme too much (for example I wanted all filesystem text colors to remain as in the original theme), it mainly focuses on the toolbars being darkened.
I call it "friendly" dark theme both because it's eye friendly (especially at night) and because it doesn't change anything too drastically (except toolbars but there's no need for toolbar whitespace to be bright).

The lister gray background reminds of color scheme of Dopus 4 on the Amiga.

I'm using this custom dark theme for quite some time now and while it's not as good as most other dark themes here, I didn't change it for a long time now so it's either good enough or I got used to it.
(My custom toolbars were temporarily removed for the screenshot.)

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