From a mentally-retarded "noobie"

I searched everywhere here, and copied others shortcuts but none will work in DO 9 for me. Basically, I want to set up about 10 or so "hot keys" to launch apps and folders and files. I am also used to clicking the top bar in Xplorer2 to go up one--need a hot key for that too--

In particular I would love Ctrl + Q to open the viewer pane--whateer else is displayed--sort of system-wide--I copied two posts exactly, but they just don't seem to work( stick) for me.
Where can I find a nice easy FAQ purely on setting up these basics ? ( I am a "mousephobe" hate it-love keys to do 110% of everything)

Settings --> Customise --> Keys

In the default settings, the BACKSPACE key is defined as GO UP which addresses one of your requirements. CTRL-BACKSPACE is defined as GO ROOT, which is an example of opening a specific folder. You should be able to modify existing keys and add your own, using the many defaults as a guide. You might define CTRL-Q as Set VIEWPANE=Toggle,Horiz

Regards, AB

Thanks for that will go away and play...