FTP and zOS (MVS)

I'm a longtime Directory Opus user that still has to use FileZilla when transferring files to and from zOS mainframes. I'm talking about the traditional "MVS Data Set" side of the mainframe, not the UNIX file system they also support. I have experimented with various FTP settings in DOpus but cannot access anything except the UNIX side.

I assume you do not have access to a mainframe so I was wondering if I might be able to help you test support for IBM's FTP server.

The easiest would be is if you can give us a login so we can try it remotely and see what's happening.

Failing that, if you send full debug logs (turn on Enable log and Enable debug under Display in the FTP address book) then we should be able to tell from that.

Unfortunately, as you probably guessed, I cannot provide access to our systems. I have attached two logs:

zos_hfs_ftp.txt, successfully connects to the zOS (MVS) HFS (UNIX) file system and lists the contents (directories and files) and successfully navigates up and down directories;

zos_native_ftp.txt, one that appears to connect to the "Native" file system but does not list the contents of the "partitioned data set" TEST.IMSJCL.

FYI, FileZilla treats the nodes of the partitioned data set names as directory levels though that is probably more function of the zOS (MVS) FTP server than the client.zos_hfs_ftp.txt (913 Bytes)
zos_native_ftp.txt (1.2 KB)

Thanks, we'll investigate in due course!

Hi Jon,
It's been awhile since I have checked but as far as I can tell there has been no progress on my original question/request for mainframe z/OS support. This has become more critical as use of Directory Opus on my work laptop may become restricted. Other associates with DO licenses may be similarly impacted.

What can we do to help with this issue. Filezilla is not an option we want to even contemplate using but we may have no choice!

Hi, this is difficult without a login to a server to test the directory listings. Last time I looked we could not find a public server.

Can you contact me directly please by email (greg@gpsoft.com.au) and I'll see what we can do to look into this further.