FTP authentication error while already logged in

I'm having an odd FTP issue. After FTP successfully connects to the server, certain file operations (like rename or create Dir) seem to try to re-authenticate and get an invalid password error. But other operations work fine and the initial login is fine.

Please see this video for an example of this:



Does the server have a connection limit? It may be running into that. Try connecting from the same machine with the same credentials, but using a different client, at a time when Opus can't create an extra connection, to see if the other client can connect or also fails.

If that works and the problem is only happening in that tab within Opus: How was the tab created? Was it cloned from the working tab, or did you use the site bookmark a second time to open the site in the second tab? (Try using the bookmark if you haven't already, in case that works. Let us know what you find, as if that works and the other method didn't, we may be able to improve things.)

I'm not positive, but it seems that it may be related to having capital letters in the host name. I changed them all to lower case, and I think it's working now. Might just be a coincidence and something else got "fixed" on the server, but it does seem to work now. Thanks for your help.