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FTP Connect rejects correct password


Hello, I'm trying to use the FTP client within Directory Opus, and I'm entering the the log in, however after scanning, I get a pop up saying a password is required and asking for the password again. I enter it again, and just scans and then gives the same pop up. I'm able to log in through the control panel of my hosting server website using the same log in info. Has anyone run into this problem? Thank you!


Can you log in using any other clients?

Does the password contain any non-letter and non-digit characters? That can complicate things if there is an encoding mismatch due to auto-detection guessing incorrectly. The Misc/Use UTF8 setting for the site may help there.

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HI Leo! Thank you for replying so fast. The password is only upper/lower case letters and numbers. No special characters at all. I can log in through my account hosting, however I don't have other FTP clients to test it with... I started installing FileZilla on Windows 7, but it wanted to install other stuff along with it, so I don't think it's very clean. Can you recommend a nice, slim, free FTP client for Windows 7 that has no extra ads/spyware/bundled trials/etc.?


Did you download FileZilla from For an automated install I can also recommend


Yes, that's where I downloaded it. It downloaded an installed with "sponsored-setup" appended to the file name, and it attempts outbound traffic to "", signals a malware trojan in Malwarebytes, and if I continue, it would install MacAfee along with it.


I think FileZilla has an installer bundled with other things on their main downloads page, but if you click the "other options" link, the installer you get from there is 1MB smaller and presumably clean. The filenames also differ:

  • FileZilla_3.41.2_win64_sponsored-setup.exe
  • FileZilla_3.41.2_win64-setup.exe

(It's not our product so I can't say anything for sure, just how it appears to be, and from experience with a similar product which started bundling things in its installer. Actually, it might even be FileZilla that I'm thinking of.)

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Thanks, Leo! You're right, the second file is clean. So I tried FileZilla, and it's also saying my password is wrong, so I guess time to ask my site host why. I'm using the same one that works for my hosting control panel, which is what they told me use. Thank you for your help troubleshooting this, Leo! :slight_smile:

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