FTP connection not saving password

I have a lister that contains an FTP session. I ask it to save the password on connect, but it never seems to. Is there some trick I am missing here? The FTP connection goes straight in with the saved password when invoked from the FTP menu. Everytime I bring up this lister however, I have to put in the userid and password.
Screenshot 2023-07-06 082037

Check it in the FTP Address Book, and also see what the FTP log says about the first connection attempt.

It is using anonymous the first time, despite me telling it to use admin and not checking the anonymous login box

Screenshot 2023-07-06 173448

How are you initiating the connection? Via the FTP menu, or something else?

(If it's a saved layout or tab group, connect to the site again, then re-save the layout/group from the same lister.)

It wanted it to connect automatically when I opened the lister conaining the ftp location.

I have made it work by noticing that in my address book I had the ip address and in the lister ftp connection I had a hostname. Changing the latter to match what was in the address book has made it connect whenever I open that lister.

Thanks for your help, Leo. Appreciated.

If you navigate to the site via the FTP menu, then save the lister/layout, it'll use the FTP address book entry from then on. That will ensure it stays in sync with any changes made to the entry.

(Otherwise, it'll be seen as an ad-hoc connection, with independent/temporary settings.)