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FTP constantly reconnecting


Not at all. And no issues with other FTP clients, e.g. CoreFTP, CuteFTP.


Does anybody else have a clue about this problem please? I'm liking D-Opus more and more as I learn to customize the UI, but this very bewildering FTP inefficiency is a real showstopper.


I think I've reproduced it now, at least with the ".." item, but I haven't had a chance to look into it fully.

For now, if you go up using the Up button on the toolbar (or Backspace key) then it should work around the problem.


Sorry, looks like the Parent button does the same thing as the ".." item, so that was bad advice.

I've filed a bug report for this now that I've confirmed it and worked out exactly when it does & doesn't happen.


Thanks for checking again, good news that you have a handle on it.Just confirming that Up and Backspace indeed give the same behaviour. As does initiating any file transfer - it seems to require a distinct login -- even if it just did another access or transfer moments ago. And, with Auth-TLS at least, this needless extra reconnecting is particularly slow and noticeable.


A fix for this has been written and tested. It should be part of the beta which we aim to release in about a week.


Confirmed that this fix seems to be working well. I see the occasional unexpected reconnect, but nothing like before. Thank you.


Sorry to dig out this old post, but I seem to have a very similar problem.
I am working on my website and every couple of seconds the reconnect happens and it even goes on after I closed the tab with the ftp connection, what is most disturbing. I always have to shut down Dopus entirely and restart it.

I just recently started working on this ftp site, that is why this has not happened before.


I have been getting the same behaviour the past few months.. I m not sure something is not working, but it is kind of annoying to see the same window pop up a couple of times... :unamused:


Exactly, as much as I do not want to complain about it, but it is annoying especially since it does continuously pop up even after I closed the ftp tab. Wish there was something I could do about it.


What triggers this to start happening? How do we make it happen to investigate it?

The FTP Log window may indicate what is being done with the connection, which may in turn help understand why it is reconnecting (or at least why Opus wants the connection at all; the reconnection part may be because the site keeps dropping the connection).

Another thing to check is that other FTP clients don't have similar problems when doing the same sort of thing on the same site, and that they & Opus are configured the same (PASV mode etc.).


Thanks Leo for your reply, unfortunately I had no time to check into it today but I will try out your suggestions and also maybe post the log.
I did realize today though that indeed the reconnecting does happen at randon times. Will do more testing also with other software.


It happens here too, randomly. I´m not sure, but i have the feeling, that it tends to happen after some aborts (after the FTP list
didn´t got populated, which happens on a regular base here. But i suppose thats rather a problem with my very simple DSL provider´s FTP)
or aborted copy actions.


Same here. Dopus reconnects to some FTP sites over and over It happens even after closing all tabs and closing main Dopus window (I have to kill dopus process manually from task manager). I'll try to post some logs when it happens again.


OK, here's the log. DO tries to reconnect to the server infinitely, even after I close the tab with where I connected to the server. What's worse it reconnects and popups even after I close all DO windows. I have to kill DO from tasks Task Manager to make it stop. It's very annoying because it minimzes full screen apps (like games) when it tries to reconnect.
ftp_log.txt (6.32 KB)


The "550 I can only retrieve regular files" coming from PureFTPd before the connection drop/timeout is probably important. Resolving that will most likely resolve the reconnection issue.

From a web search, "550 I can only retrieve regular files" from PureFTPd may indicate one of the following:

[ul][li]Opus is trying to download a directory as if it was a file.

Easy way to find out: Edit the FTP bookmark and, on the Display tab, under Log, turn on Enable debug. The log will then include the commands Opus sends to the server in addition to the responses it gets back, and you'll be able to see which file Opus is requesting, if any.

If you see Opus trying to "GET" a directory instead of "LIST" or "DIR" it, then that probably explains what is happening.

This can be the result of Opus incorrectly guessing whether a link on the server is a file or a folder. FTP does not provide a reliable way to find this out, so clients have to guess sometimes, and things will become confused if the guess is wrong.

You can override the guesswork by editing the FTP bookmark and, in the middle of the Display tab, changing Treat unknown link as... to "folders". That may fix things on its own, after restarting Opus.

[li]Trying to read a directory listing that cannot be read due to permissions on the server.

Easy to test using another FTP client and going to the same /web/wp-content/uploads directory.

[li]Possibly, incorrect MLST/LIST settings for the server within the FTP bookmark's Misc tab, although that should not be a factor with PureFTPd as long as you haven't changed the defaults.[/li][/ul]


Thanks Leo for your thorough response. I've enabled debug and looked at the log.

  • as to the log content - I don't see any of the commands you mentioned (LIST DIR GET), it seem the problem is command --> RETR cgi-bin

But I think this is secondary to the problem I've mentioned - don't you think that DO should stop reconnecting this server (whatever ftp error problems are present) after I close the tab with this connection? That holds even more with the situation when I close DO completely???
ftp_log_with_debug.txt (5.89 KB)


That means it's trying to download cgi-bin which is probably a folder. Did you try my other suggestions to see if it makes the problem go away?

Once we know what's actually happening we'll be better able to work out if a code change is needed somewhere.


Anything new about the reconnect thing? It still happens sometimes for no obvious reason.


We can't make any progress unless people try the suggestions in the thread and report back what they find.