FTP Context Menu

Hi All!

I'm trying to add a button to my FTP context menu. It's called "Copy Web Address". I added it first to the FTP Context menu, it doesn't show up. I then added it to File Types -> All Files, it doesn't show up. Any reason for this?

There are a lot of things missing or not matching the wording from the Lister FTP Context. Like the Lister FTP Context shows "Site Properties" but the actual one shows just "Properties". I'm a little lost on why things aren't the same or showing up?


The file context menu for FTP sites is not configurable unfortunately - but you should be able to use a toolbar button or hotkey for the same effect.

Understood. Thanks Jon!

To see the "FTP Context Menu" which you were editing works, right-click the background of the file display. It's a menu for the file display itself rather than the files within it.

(So the menu is probably still not suitable for the command you wanted, but hopefully that explains what it is for, in case you wondered why the menu was there in the Customize list.)

Thanks for the further explanation Leo. Yes, I was wondering why it was in the list until Jon mentioned "The file context menu for FTP sites is not configurable". It then dawned on me that the "Lister FTP Context" menu items is when no files/folders are selected (hence the name "Lister", not "File", I guess :slight_smile:). And sure enough, that's where my edit was and all other items that made no sense before, now made sense :slight_smile:

I just moved my button to my Edit menu :slight_smile: