FTP Delete dirs with content

With FTP I cannot delete dirs that have contents. Im forced to enter in and delete every file and subdir first. This is very painful and other FTP clients I use I do not remember this limitation.

That isn't normal.

What does the FTP log say when you try to delete a folder that has things in it?

Something about cant delete a directory that has files in it. But now I just tried again, and it works fine..... this time it counted the files first, before it didnt do that step.

Something else odd though - I delete the whole dir.. its fully empty, but when I copy the tree over to an empty dir, one file it says already exists and asks me to overwrite or not. The target dir is empty though before copy, and I've reproduced this twice in a row.

Its a 3 directory deep tree and each final node has a single file of the same name in each node.

Try turning on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [FTP]: ftp_do_not_cache to see if that helps.

Thanks. Was just about to reply that it seems that the client is out of sync.. so hopefully this will fix it.