FTP Disconnect

I searched the manual but do not see any way to disconnect from an FTP site. Will switching the lister to another folder automatically disconnect? That does not seem right. I expected to see a disconnect command in the FTP menu. I was going to add one, but did not find any FTP command that does that.

It's automatic when you switch to another folder that's not on the FTP site you're connected to. Took me awhile to adjust to that too but once you're used to it it's really nice.

It will also timeout on you, if you forget. I do that all the time.

You can also get DOpus to make a noise (or a Sound Event) when it does FTP things. This reminds me that it has timed out of sites that I forgot to disconnect from.

If you want connections to timeout while still displayed in a window, make sure keep link alive is turned off on the Network tab for the site. (Although some FTP servers ignore keepalives anyway and will timeout after a while regardless of the setting.)

I like having control over disconnect. As JohnZeman said, it will take a little getting used to. I would prefer that the connection remained until I told it to disconnect so I can move to other folders and back again. I suggest that, minimally, the manual be changed to add a topic called FTP Disconnect which explains when and how Dopus disconnects from a site. As it is I had to assume that it was disconnecting when I left the folder because there was no other obvious possibility.

I really think there needs to be a manual disconnect option. I'm trying to debug some FTP problems and right now I have to close DO each time.

A simple addition to the context menu would suffice and is very easy to do. Given the number of questions on the forum about this, there is user demand.

Do you have the folder tree turned on? The folder tree complicates things since there's no "session" and no way to know if you're about to expand a folder, so it'll keep the connection alive for a while to avoid reconnecting every time.

Other than that, I think disconnection should happen when you navigate away or close the window/tab showing the site (assuming it's the only one).

Yes Im using the folder tree. Despite its auto disconnect, I believe you should offer a manual disconnect as well to avoid confusion as I am not the only user in the forums with this request/issue especially given how easy it is to do. Could be a context menu on the folder as well.

I think the thread above was about how to avoid disconnecting when changing folders, with the intention of coming back to the FTP site later after doing something in another folder. (Using folder tabs is a good way to do that.)