FTP - Display and Log Questions

  1. A connection attempt that failed referenced me to view the FTP log. I realize I could sort my C drive by accessed or created and find this file newly created or modifed file, but I would have thought the manual would at least mention something about how view the log. Actually would have thougt a link to the log would be part of the FTP file menu. Any direction on where the log is located and/or correctly enabling it will be appreciated.

  2. I would like the FTP display to look like Power Desk/Noron File Mager with a tree view of site folder structure visible in the left folder pane. Direction on how to accomplish this will be appreciated. Note, while it would be nice if the left pane display could completely emulate Power Desk/Norton, with a list of the sites, simply having the root or connection specific initial folder(s) displyed in the left pane will be sufficient.

Comment: with a left pane display, it would nice if the option to disconnect was available. I realize, as noted in the manual, that connections will time out. However, proper FTP etiquette is to disconnect when done.

hi SGS:

  1. Select Tools->Output Window and click on one of the FTP tabs at the bottom of the resulting window to see:

  1. For the first part - I don't think there's anyway to view the folder structure of an FTP location in the folder tree (I'd like this too... sounds like a good feature request, or something that users like amix have suggested could be doable with a VFS plug-in?)...

But for the second part, maybe adding the FTP locations you're after as a Dopus 'Favorite' and enabling the Preferences->Listers->Folder Tree option for Display Favorites in the Folder Tree option will give you what you want?

Comment about the comment: I think this is also a nice feature request as well... maybe somethign like a DISCONNECT button up on the file display border where some of the arrow/navigation buttons are located - but which only appears when connected to an FTP site...