FTP 'favourite' link opens in a new window

I've been using Opus for a few months now (unless you count the decade or more I used it on the Amiga :smiley: ), and I've just added an FTP favourite link. When I click on any other favourites they open in the current window lister, but my FTP one opens in a whole new launched instance of Opus. What am I doing wrong?

Also, how do I rename the favourites, as one of mine has an "&" in it, but shows it as "&&"?

Thanks for any help.

FTP > Edit Address Book is the place to set up favorite FTP sites. They will then be listed in the same FTP menu (by default; everything can be moved around).

There should be an Edit Favorites button in the favorites menu which lets you edit and rename them. Or you can go to Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Favorites List for the same result.

&& should be in the name you see in Preferences if you want a literal & to be part of the name you see in the normal menus.

From the manual for the Preferences page:

Thanks, Leo.

I got the & working, but I still can't get the FTP favourite to work. I have had it in the FTP list that shows at the bottom of the column, but all my favourites are at the top, and it's a bit of a pain to have to scroll up to get one place, then scroll right to the bottom to get the other (which opens properly in the current lister; it's just when it's a favourite that it opens in a new Opus window). It's a location I use a lot, so having it as a favourite at the top is where it should be. It would also be VERY good if the favourites would stay visible at all times and scroll independently to the main directories.

Maybe none of this can be done at the moment, but it would be good for a future update, if possible.

I guess we are talking about the folder tree here. You can move things around slightly via Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents, but the options are limited.

I'd recommend using toolbar buttons and menus, or hotkeys, to access sites you use a lot. They work better than the tree since things are always in the same place and do not ever need to be scrolled.

You can even create buttons, hotkeys or menu items which open both the FTP site and the other folder from a single click, if you desire.

I've just tried going to the customise | commands | new button section, and I created a new button. I pointed it to my FTP directory, but it didn't work. It might only work with non-FTP directories.

I might just have to stick to the scrolling up/down manoeuvre I'm currently doing. It's still odd that a favourite link opens in a new window. If this is a bug, please consider fixing it.

The button should run a command similar to Go FTPSITE="My Site Name" and you should have an entry called My Site Name in the Opus FTP Address Book.

That did it, thanks Leo.