FTP features

Hi! Since Directory Opus introduced the nice tabs feature, I am using it more and more as ftp-client, relpacing CuteFTP Professional. To totally satisfy my needs, I would love to have the following enhancements:

  1. I often have several connections to different FTP-servers at one time. Therefor I just open some tabs and connect to the server. Unfortunately, the ftp-logs can only be send either to channel1 or channel2. Is it possible to have more than two channels in the output window or to redirect the logs to a completly new "ftp log window"?

  2. Is it possible to send raw ftp commands to the server? In case this function is not implemented, can it be added?

  3. As I told you, I often have several connections to different ftp-servers including file transfers. As much I like the informations Directory Opus shows in the file transfer dialog, these dialogs need much space on my little screen and every new transfer spawns an additional dialog. Now, Archades posted here a similar request just for simple file operations. I totally agree with his wish, but would like to underline the suitability of a transfer queue for the "ftp module" of Directory Opus including the possibility to save an unfinished queue.

Thanks a lot,