FTP Find panel invalid site details


I am trying to find files on a linux busybox. I can ftp to the box alright, setting the user and password, but when I open up a find panel to do a search it always brings up a requester asking to enter a valid user name and password. Entering the correct details gets rid of the requester but no search is carried out.

Any ideas?


I don't think the Find panel works with FTP sites.

(Not sure about the release version but in the beta version I'm using at the moment, it won't even let me search them.)

Thanks Leo,

I'll give up trying. I think this used to work at one time in an earlier version of dopus, as I've a vague memory of searching a site for a file a few years ago. May be wrong though.


Find is not available for FTP sites - there's too much potential overhead searching all the hieratical folders. However you could put the site into flat view (be sensible and don't choose the root! :slight_smile: and wait until all the files have been enumerated then just use the filter field to look at the files shown in the Lister.