FTP Freezes trying to upload

I've always had the occasional hang when trying to upload files via FTP, but since upgrading to DOpus 11.12, it is VERY frequent.

During site development, I will modify a css file and upload it over and over. If it's only a minute or two since the previous upload, DOpus might upload it just fine. But if it has been any longer than that, it usually hangs. Here's the typical sequence I have to go through in that situation...

--Drag a file from local lister to FTP lister
--See it hang - click "Abort"
--Press F5 to refresh the FTP lister
--See it hang trying to connect - click "Abort"
--[It returns to the same folder - so it really is connected]
--Press F5 to refresh the FTP lister (again) - this time it usually connects
--Drag the file from local lister to FTP lister again - this time it usually uploads

As you can imagine, doing this over and over is very frustrating. It definitely has changed (drastically) with the latest upgrade. Is there a fix for this issue?

What does the FTP log say?

Is it an FTP site, or SFTP? 11.12 had changes to the SFTP and SSL code which might be related, but the FTP code was largely unchanged.

I'm not using SFTP, just the standard connection.

I couldn't see a way to attach a file to posts here, so I guess I'll just paste the log in my reply. By the time I read your message above, I had gotten to the point where I was working for longer periods of time between uploads, but I think this log still shows some of the situations I described. I read in the log that there's a timeout after 15 minutes of activity, so in the log below, I put a line of dashes between sections when there was more than a few minutes gap.

I also put blank lines between each "Connection closed" and the following "Opening connection" line. And I put "<--------------" pointing to each line where the file was successfully uploaded. In most cases, it was the same css file (about 68KB), but at least once, it was a different file of about 30KB.

I hope this helps. If you need the log entries from when the occurrences are more frequent, please let me know.

ftplog.txt (18.5 KB)

Have you tried turning off Passive Mode (PASV) for the site? Does it still work then, or work better?

It looks like the failures are often happening after trying to switch in to PASV mode, so if that mode isn't needed it might work better without using it. (It is often needed, however.)

If you haven't already, please try disabling your firewall software, since that may be dropping the attempts to set up the data connection to the server at times (perhaps only when certain random ports are used?).

Have you checked that another FTP client is able to access the site OK and consistently?

I changed your post to make the log an attachment. For reference, to attach files you need to use the "Full Editor & Preview" option, not the "Quick Reply".


Thanks for the change and the info.