Ftp ftpcmd site chmod

Is there way to do something like this:

Go FTPCMD "SITE CHMOD 2777 :selectedfilename:" ???

Thanks for all help :slight_smile:

I'm not sure what that's meant to do. Set the permission attributes on a single file without being logged on to the FTP site first?

all i want to do is to change file chmod od FTP server but DOpus doesnt suport 2777 :wink: So i have loged in on left lister into FTP server then I want to change chmod on this server:

Go FTPCMD "SITE CHMOD 2777 :selectedfilename:" ???

^^ but how

What's 2777 meant to be?

You could try this but I don't know if it will work:

SetAttr CHMOD=2777

Run that after connecting to the FTP site and selecting the file whose permissions you want to change.

dopus ignores 2 before 777 :confused: this 2 is setting for SGID - SetGroupID on linux i would be nice if dopus could change SGID or SUID :wink:

Technically this is a SUID command and is an extension to the normal CHMOD command and allows you to do a combined SUID or GUID at the same time as the CHMOD. You can do this with Opus using the manual FTP Raw Command (available from the site context menu when connected and you could create a newbutton if you wished) by using such as

SITE CHMOD 6777 filename

Turn on the FTP Log and the debug mode and you'll see the results in the output window.

CLI QUICKFTPCMD is the Opus command behind the Send Raw Command item on the default FTP menu sends, in case you need it.

If you run just CLI QUICKFTPCMD on its own then it'll display a field that you can type a command into.

You could put the code below on a button/menu/hotkey so that Opus types the CHMOD command for you, inserting the selected filename, so that you just have to click the button and then hit return to send the command:

@firstfileonly @nolocalizefiles CLI QUICKFTPCMD SITE CHMOD 6777 {file}