FTP links that are run by Opus open WinSCP anyways

Hi, so I have Firefox open Directory Opus for FTP links, is it possible to have DIrectory Opus open the links instead of sending it to WinSCP. I own the FTP plugin

We only tie into ftp://... links currently. Those seem very rare these days, and I don't think I've ever even seen an sftp://... link on a website (only details of how to connect to an SFTP server in a non-URL form). Probably in part because you'd always use a login and password with SFTP, and those usually don't make sense to include in a URL.

What types of sites uses these URLs these days? If they're more popular than we thought then we could spend time looking at this.

Ah, ok. The link comes from the server panel I'm using which includes a button to open up a sftp connection to the container's files. I didn't know sftp links were uncommon since I recently started doing server hosting/management stuff. Thanks!